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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Music tastes

There are a couple of phrases that really annoy me at the moment.

“That music is rubbish” (Or some such variation) and
“No one listens to that” (or usually ‘who’ listens to that)

Both of these phrases are ignorant. First of all, whatever music it is that someone may then claim is better (as nine times out of then this happens) will have just as many people expressing their dislike for it.

Music is a very personal thing. The reason there are so many different genres is because the seven billion people on this world are all different and all have different tastes. No type of music call be called rubbish because generally a large number of people probably like it. If you want to express your displeasure for a type of music then simply say “I do not enjoy this kind of music” or something, and certainly do not insult or make assumptions about people who do enjoy a particular type.

I am very into folk music, particularly fiddles and banjos. I fully accept that many people do not enjoy this genre. At the same time there are also many people who do (I am actually finding more people than I originally thought who do). I do not like it when people start making strange comments about the fact that banjos are only enjoyed by inbred hicks.

What a strange assumption to make! It is an unbelievable jump out of logic. Yes the film ‘Deliverance features and banjo and unfortunately paints this stereotypes that hicks enjoy banjos but in reality it is like saying that anyone who likes rap music is a gangster drug dealer. It is simply not true and again falls into my hatred of stereotyping people.

There are genres of music I don’t like, but I would never make assumptions about someone who does based on what i think of that music, it just does not make any sense.

So please people, don’t do this, it is annoying.

oh and DFTBA