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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Top 10 2014

So here is my top 10 bands/artists for 2014! These may well be older bands but just ones I have discovered in the past year :)

10. Blazin' Fiddles:

The name sums them up perfectly!

9. VAMM:

Three ladies who bring their own backgrounds and taste together to build one fine musical soup!

8. Ross Ainslie:

The piper from Treacherous Orchestra really does know what he's doing, and he doesn't need a huge band to back him up either, he is just as talented working on his own!

7. Steamchicken:

Listen to 'There ain't nobody here but us chickens'. Done it? Your welcome.

6. All Blacked Up:

This Morris Dancing group have released two albums and both are really great to listen to, fully of bouncy dance tunes, it is simple but really effective and definitely puts a smile on my face.

5. Matt Quinn:

Funny chap with great box playing skills, I only wish I could play the box half as well. 'No More Wabbits' from the 'Banquet of Boxes' collection and 'Katie the Conqueror ' are fantastic and fun!

4. Red Shoes:

Amazing music and amazing people. Very soft gentle music to help calm and relax you. perfect with a bottle of wine after a stressful day!

3. Monster Ceilidh Band:

A great bland of folk, electric and rock this band has some great albums that really get you in the mood to party. 'Red Jack' is an amazing tune that instantly makes me want to hit the clubs no matter what time of day it is.

2. Bartram, Brookes and Weatherall:

I discovered these through the March edition of Froots magazine and I can't explain why but after reading the article I was intrigued so decided to invest in their album. I was very pleasantly surprised and taken with them. Their older, traditional style has been nicely balanced with being catchy and entertaining. 'The Campernero', 'John Barleycorn' and 'Lavender Trousers' were on repeat on my play list for days!

1. 3 Daft Monkeys:

I have only heard two of their albums so far but getting the others is my top priority when I am finally in paid employment again. I first reviewed them for FATEA with tunes like 'The Tale of the Laziest Pirate' and 'World on its Head' from the album 'Of Stones and Bones' really roping me in. This folk/rock/indie style moves away from the traditional elements to have their own take on the genre. The story lines and comedy elements of the tunes are what really rope me, that and the tunes and entire sound is just amazing.