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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Careful what you say

Well the A-Z of April this year is over (Although I think I may have miscounted somewhere, nevermind)

Now for a couple of rants.

I have noticed recently that my desire to cause arguments has increased. Now I have always enjoyed trolling and setting up arguments, getting others to carry it on and then sitting back and watching my creation, but the past month or so I have just noticed myself having a short fuse and I'm not really sure why.

I have also noticed on many occasions this month that people have stopped listening, they get a point they want to get across and that is it then, no other opinion is acceptable. Now here I'm not talking about great political issues like the Thatcher episode or even the celebrity sex scandals (although on these points it has been murder trying to get your opinion across because people seem to go into a blind rage if you even slightly disagree). I'm talking about stupid stuff that does not matter.
I'm finding myself now going the other way and getting so exhausted by being attacked by saying the simplest of things that I don't even want to get involved with any kind of debate anymore.

As I said in a  previous post is my problem is I give up too easily. Having studied Philosophy I used to love debating and arguing but I just hate it now, especially as debating outside the classroom simply leaves me feeling that the other person is upset/angry/not speaking to me.

I hate that feeling a lot. I am not one of these people who can just take the attitude of 'it's their loss' or 'it's their problem' I get anxiety attacks over these things, so I always give up and I'm on the verge of just keeping any and all opinions to myself.

What I then find is people pressure me over and over for my opinion, then when I finally cave I get savagely attacked for this opinion that I did not even want to give in the first place.

I don't like falling out with people and I like keeping everyone happy as much as possible, but blimey people I do need to be met half way! I feel like a lot of people back me into a corner as one extreme or another. so if I look at an argument between two friends, in the past, I have been made the baddie because I would not choose a side, it's either one side or the other.

People's inability to compromise really bugs me and this is something else that has changed the past few months, I find I don't tolerate it as much as I used to. I am very quick to give up with stubborn people now. I have no time or energy left for dealing with people who refuse to compromise.

On a side note. I noticed this BBC article:

It clearly says in the tag paragraph: Children who use self-deprecating humour among their peers are more likely to be bullied, researchers say.

Fair enough. But it then says under the picture:

Children bullied at school are more likely to make jokes at their own expense

Does anyone else think that those are two completely different statements?
Being bullied because you use self deprecating humor is not the same as using self deprecating humor because you are bullied. They are completely different.

If they mean both apply then fine. I don't see it explained that way though. So which is it?


P.S The number of times I wrote Onions instead of Opinions on my first draft is insane.