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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Review of Flaming June

Okay so I did cover this band briefly on Friday's 'Folklore' but my readers and listeners are generally two different audiences so I wanted to do a more detailed blog post as well.

As you all may know in the last year I have really gotten into the Folk scene and for the past four years I have realised that media and journalism is the area I want to go into. So lately I have decided it would probably make some kind of sense to merge these two interests.

There is a website called Bright Young Folk which looks at the latest on the folk scene and this gave me the idea to mix up my blog posts of philosophy and ethics to some Folk reviews as well.

So I was surfing myspace and came across Flaming June who describe themselves as a mix mash of Folk, Indie and Alternative which I'll admit at first made me skeptical. However I quickly played the first track of their EP "Nerves of Steel" and was delighted with it!

I quickly got in touch for a CD (which has lovely artwork as it happens, my boss commented on that straight away) and I would also point out that it was a pleasure to correspond with Louise Hamilton (The singer and songwriter for the band), sometimes bands give you can get snappy little responses which make you feel there isn't actually a desire to talk to you, but definatly not with Flaming June.

"Nerves of Steel" quickly got five stars on my media player along with "The Insane Ex-Girlfriend Parade" and "You Do Moody So Well" with "I Know What It's Like" and "The Boy I Knew Before I Met You" getting four stars (ONLY because they were a tad slower paced and that is not my thing, the songs are equally as amazing).

I think/hope Flaming June will continue to produce great music for years to come. What I do know is I'll be one of the first ordering their CDs for as long as they make them!

If you want to find out more then please follow these links:

Twitter: @flamingjuneuk

Facebook: /flamingjuneuk
Myspace: /flamingjuneuk

and their website:


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