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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review: The Feelgood Depression

First an apology for my lack of post on Wednesday as advertised as I have been unwell this week.

The Feelgood Depression is a new and upcoming band based in Stoke on Trent right her ein the united Kingdom. As with many bands just starting out they are striving to increase their fanbase and plug their music out to all those who may be interested. It is very difficult these days for news bands to get the proverbial ball rolling. Some believe that the utilisation of websites such as Mysapce, Twitter and Facebook would actually make this easier but I believe it instead to be the opposite.

The Feelgood Depression is a modern combination of Rock and Grunge lead by the vocals of
Deborah Crellin and Tracy Smith featuring the lead guitar skills of James Smith, Kenneth Nelson on Bass, Dan Steele on drums and Dan Dale on keyboard and synthesiser.

Their E.P album is called Rockstar and features four tracks. The first track, also called Rockstar opens with an immediately catchy guitar rift which then breaks into vocals part way in telling the classic story of Rockstars doing what they do best, rocking!

Track two, The Flowers are Dead (a title which actually made me go "Awwwh :(" before even starting the track) starts slower than the previous track with a synthesiser start flowing into a soft beat and guitar. This track has a much more sad theme on which we taken on a journey discussing the sadness of being forgotten, whether this is supposed to be forgotten because of death or other reasons I believe is left for the listener to decide depending on what they related to better. The vocals explore that little glimmer of hope that we all have that we would not be forgotten and that someone from our lives, someone we love, still remember.

The third, track titled "The One" jumps back to a more catchy and faster paced opening which reminds me of the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Feeder (For some reason?), and continues into a lovely fast paced "Hum" song, by which a song which after listening to it you find yourself humming the melody for the rest of the afternoon.

And finally the fourth track "Help Me Out" moves back again into a slightly softer beginning but jumps and morphs into a faster grunge track discussing the inevitable feelings of low self worth and yearning for the appreciation of others.

With each track I enjoyed this band more and more and highly recommend you give them a listen and check out their lives shows: Give them a big old LIKE FOLLOW and see where it leads you!

Next week I will finally post about this large subject I have been building up to, if there are any topics you wish me to discuss on this blog, or if you have a band or there is a band you want me to review then please e-mail me on and let me know!


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