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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Time Keeping and Politics

Since starting my new job I have no idea where all my time went! I work 30 hours a week 9-3.30 so in theory I should have all the time to do the things I want to do such as keeping up with my music reviews (on and, just in case you didn't know...), learning the BC Melodeon, getting fit and watching the vast array of youtube channels I enjoy.

It should be even easier since I can do some of these things at the same time but still I'm finding in the week I'm look if I get a full hours practice on the Melodeon a day. Now part of this is seeing my better half, as she is not in her student house yet she has been spending a lot of time at mine, but even taking this into account I still seem to be hemorrhaging time somewhere, it just vanishes!

Speaking of Melodeon, I am getting so infuriated these days because it is only clicking very slowly. at my current rate I'm learning a small tune every three months. Part of this is the previous mentioned time issues but a big part is I am teaching myself and so I think I am picking up a lot of bad habits. I'm trying to get some tuition but this is proving tricky!

Now, political updates:

Bedroom Tax - clear insanity.

The Government has gone nuts lately, I was shocked by their reaction to the European court saying their current procedure on making jobseekers go on unhelpful unpaid placements. The Government has simply ignored the court and ran through emergency legislation so they can have their own way. All I see in the news (which I see a lot through my job) is more and more 'plans' to improve the economy (yeah, great job thus far.) that ultimately shits down everyone who is not a milionaire or a politician. I come from a middle class background and I know that the middle classes are buckling as much as the working, the divide now between rich and poor is becoming stinking rich and then everyone else.

If more pressure is put then people are going to start snapping. When this happens the Government is going to 'take a stand against violence' and get all 'moral high ground' saying that resorting to violence is unacceptable and not the way to make your voice heard.

On principle I agree. But lets look at this from another angle. I get bombarded with petitions and facebook groups sharing stories of how many people are genuinely suffering and people tell me the Government isn't getting this?

They are ignoring the petitions and the voice of the people because they know the masses are powerless vocally, as soon as bricks start flying they can use a smear campaign to make people fighting for a quality of life look like nothing but thugs.

On the flip side to this of course is a lot of people involved in rioting are thugs and thugs see it is an excuse to join in and start chaos.

So really this is lose lose at the moment. The oppressed will fight, destroying their own 'victim' status in the process. The Government will continue to do whatever it's warped perception of what is right will tell them and ignore the masses, either brushing it as they have to make hard decisions or people are just not prepared to make sacrifices.

Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.


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