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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I is for Inspiration

We all get inspiration from different places.

To me that is difficult because with inspiration comes pressure!

I find if I choose an idol I have to live up to that. In particular it has been with two groups of my people lately. The first being my other half, I want her to see nothing but the best parts of me and inevitably that is not possible and usually by trying to force the best parts she gets glimpses of the worst!

Alternatively I idolise the folk musicans I have come to love. This sounds weird, but I do not mean this in a 'One Direction' type stalker. One thing I really like about folkies is the fact they are average people. Bellowhead, Black Beard's Tea Party, Seas of Mirth are all bands full of people I wish I was, they live a life I wish I was living and have talent I wish I had.

However. I expect as always with these things that the grass is greener and actually if I lived such a life I would find flaws, as I'm sure they do. It's funny how we can view a life and see only the strengths,



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  1. Human nature... we find the flaw in everything but expect perfection. Great post!

    Jana @ A Novel Reality