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Monday, 15 April 2013

J is for Jalapenos

J is for Jalapenos

I guess these are going to be more questions than statements!

1. What is it about spicy food that some humans like? Interesting to note that like all food some like it, and some don’t

2. Why do men seem to find it macho to eat lots of really hot foods, is it a pain threshold idea?

3. Should we actually be eating things like Jalapenos. I have always thought of such things as having some kind of chemical reaction that causes the feeling of ‘heat’ and the pain type sensation. This makes me think that such a thing is a defence mechanism for a plant and is not actually supposed to be pleasant, it is my guess that actually this should be very unpleasant, and yet your average chilli or spice is not poisonous or dangerous.

Have we simply evolved to cope and even enjoy these sensations so that we can have more of a variety in our diet?


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