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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A change of direction

I have decided, after much thought, that I will only use this blog for career purposes now.

By this I mean folk music related things such as reviews, news and updates. I will not post any more political rants and such things, I want to use this blog more as a tool to get where I want rather than just a voice, after all that is what drunk Facebook posts are for!

Now that I have a stable(ish) income it is the best time for me to focus on making contacts and getting into the exact career path I want so promoting my reviews and trying to find another Radio Slot are my top priorities.

I will still review non-folk music on here if and when it comes up, as you should never fully close other doors, but folk will be my focus!

To start this off I'm going to start a new thing of Rawcliffe's Top 10 where every month, year? (To be decided) I will do a Top 10 of Acts, Albums and individual songs.

I will start tomorrow with my Top 10 Acts but for the first one it will be so far, in my 3 or so years of experience with Folk. On Thursday I will post my Top 10 Songs so far (again of my experience so far) and finally on Friday my top Albums and from then I'll do only the recent ones.

I would ask people help me promote this, especially if you are in Folk music circles, I need all the help I can get!

- Paul


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