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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rawcliffe Top 10 Part 2 - Songs

Here is my Top 10 list of the best tracks I have heard so far. I did try to avoid simply picking a song from all of my Top 10 artists but sadly that is just how it worked out!

10.  Llama Riding/ Dr Faustu's Tumblers - The Gloworms

9. Rumplestiltskin - Flaming June

8. Ly Ly Ladyboy - Seas of Mirth

7. Superfly Set - The Treacherous Orchestra

6. Stop Your Crying Son - Ange Hardy

5. Kitty Jay - Seth Lakeman

4. Temperely Hornpipe/ Oxford University Voluntary Quickstep  - Faustus

3. Captain Ward - Spiers and Boden

2. Hole in the Wall - Hannah James and Sam Sweeney

and now, drum roll please....

1. Lillibulero - Bellowhead

I think I will do these every three or four months as I felt a year was too long but a month was not long enough. Join me tomorrow for the final Top 10, this time featuring album choices!

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