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Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Today we have my review of Lazibyrd

This is another duo, consisting of Sharon Martin (Fiddle) and Tom Chapman (Guitar) who work together harmoniously to give us a fine example of today’s English Folk. Sharon Leads the vocals, supported by Tom.
They open their album ‘Under the Sky’ with a brilliantly catchy song called ‘I’m Alright Jack’ which does a great job of drawing you in to hear more. It’s like Pringles. I’d describe the method of singing as being slightly rap/ slightly skat/ jazz but with an action folk instrumental that fits like gears.
After the attention grabbing start, the album then settles into slightly softer songs, but they do not lose any sense of grip, ‘It’s the Little Things’ in particular is the kind of song that will blow you away and would be perfect for one of those happy life montage scenes in cheesy films.

What is interesting about Lazibyrd is the lack of emphasis in their songs. Usually bands with vocals have that pushed into the front with the instruments used as a pedestal to then hold those vocals up on. With Lazibyrd however it doesn’t quite come across like that. Yes there are vocals, powerful vocals, and yes this is over a musical background, but there is more unison. The music is not just to support the vocals; the vocals draw attention to the music too, which is nice to see.

In regards to the playing of music there seems to be more of an emphasis on the guitar over fiddle, but that’s possibly because Sharon leads with vocals. The playing is a great balance as there isn’t this problem of over playing that some guitarists do in an attempt to get noticed.

‘Half of One Whole’ is a particularly heart warming song that almost lead to me typing the cheesy line of how these two musicians work so well that the absence of either one would be ‘half of one whole’, they are not two musicians they are one whole as Lazibyrd. Of course I would never write anything that cheesy.

Overall the album has a good mix of the fast exciting (‘Fly Away’)and the slow moving (‘Run to the Dawn’) and they are musically a great pairing.

I expect to see much more from Lazibyrd to come as this ship has clearly only just set sail.


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