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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review - The Fox Glove Trio 'Like Diamond Glances'

The Foxglove Trio... a name I have seen popping up all over the place. They kindly sent me a copy of their CD ‘Like Diamond Glances’ and I must admit it has jumped high onto my list of favourites. The first track ‘Newry Town’ simply blew me away with beautiful vocals and a gripping musical arrangement to match.
It is only recently I had my first taste of Isle of Man music through Barrule and so it is great to add this Welsh experience too. This 5 song collection features two welsh songs, ‘Cariad Cyntaf’ and ‘Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn’, both are lovely songs and paints the welsh language in an excellent light.

These exciting tunes are also matched with gentler tunes like ‘The Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell’ which is a lovely folk tale allowed to reach its full potential because of these musicians.

My favourite tune was a toss-up between ‘Newry Town’ and ‘Betsy Bell & Mary Grey’ which the latter just winning as it had me merrily dancing around in my seat. (I must add much to my embarrassment when someone walked in. I can’t chair dance well. Or any kind of dance really).

My only complaint is how short ‘Like Diamond Glances’ is. I am certainly left wanting more and the name Foxglove Trio is no longer going to be one of those names I keep seeing, but rather one I will eagerly watch, waiting for more releases.


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