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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

C is for Curiosity

C is for Curiosity

I have this great problem where any kind of unsolved mystery will niggle away at me until I go completely mad. IT could be the simplest things, nothing that even matters, but I have to know!

Walking past a sweets isle with kinder surprises in is when I first really started to notice it. The desire to buy all of the kinder surprises because I needed to know what was inside. I stopped myself thankfully but ever since I have noticed that I get very angry if I start a story I cannot finish. Even if it is a boring story, I need to know how it ends.

There is a Youtube group known as the Yogscast who used to do a series called The Shadow of Israphel. For some reason they have stopped doing this, whether it is issues with their Minecraft sever (where the game was based), they are simply doing other projects first, or are completely scrapping this project. It drives me mad, I really want to know how the story ends!

Does anyone else find this?



  1. I love the kinder analogy!
    A book I was reading in the bath, fell in the bath. All 890 pages of it .. a William Horwood - The Eagles of Stonor or some such title .. I was half way through ... it was/is an old book and I will never know the ending of it I don't think ...


  2. I genuinely feel your anguish on this, some people do not understand just how terrible such a thing like that is, it’s also not the same to simply google the end of the book, it takes a way an element of finding the answer for yourself!