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Friday, 12 April 2013

K is for Karma

I've never really believed in this, I have never seen evidence of Karma. I know indivduals who have spent their lives earning good karma and only getting bad things in return, it is not a concept I take seriously.

Karma does seem to fall into familiar pattern of justice that human beings have, this craving almost to have a natural force for justice. I'm not convinced any more, all my religious perceptions have shown actually that there is no universal justice, no natural justice that keeps the universe in check.

People will argue justice in the animal kingdom, and in the rare cases a strong point can be put forward for this I'd argue this still is not natural justice, an animal deciding to do something just or act in justice simply suggests to me that we are closer to animals than some would give us credit, I consider us animals and we have a concept of justice but that does not mean that nature as a whole does.

So, does this mean we should abandon home made justice, or does it make our unnatural perceptions of justice even more important?


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  1. You're right in that too many undeserving people stay ahead while other people get beaten down. But when Karma does strike, it's priceless.