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Saturday, 27 April 2013

W is for What Next?

W is for What Next?


This post is about Ironman 3 if you have not seen the film and intend to do not carry on reading.

I just today went to see Ironman 3 and I think over all I was disappointed. The film was brilliant, don't get me wrong, but some the irritating aspects outweighed the good parts.

In regards to good parts I think the comedy aspect of the film was fantastic, it was set up well as we have seen in other Ironman films.

I also really enjoyed the fact that Tony Stark suffered from anxiety attacks. This is a very real problem that many people face in varying degrees, I myself suffer from anxiety attacks although not in the same was as Stark. It shows that Stark has not just been brushing off the events in his life, they have deeply affected him and this is great.

One of the finals parts of the film with all the different armors coming to his rescue was also good, although too short, we did not really get a proper look at the armors and some of their significances were not revealed.

First thing that annoyed me was that all of these armors got destroyed. What I cannot tell is if this is a way of them trying to close the series, I think if they were going to do that then more exposure on the suits was needed. For example one of the suits is hinted by many fans to be the Hulkbuster armor, revealing a possibility of a World War Hulk type senario, but now that suit has been destroyed, so it is disappointing that this is unlikely to now be an option. (although the revelation that he has been narrating to Bruce Banner the whole time does maybe again assist with this.)

My second issue is with Killian. His motiviation is not clearly explained in the film, why he is behind all of these attacks and seems to despise the President so much. According to other sources it is simply to hide the fact that the Extremis virus is unstable but frankly the film suggests something far more personal and this just does not show. I think this entire aspect of the film could have been done better, there needed to be a bigger reason for it.

Another point here is the use of the Extremis virus, I'm not sure it fits with the Marvel Cinematic universe, I saw an interview saying how they wanted to keep the cinematic universe on the more realistic side of sci-fi (as realistic as you can anyway) and the fire breathing/ glowing of the extemis virus frankly just bugged me. Even with the Hulk and aliens from previous films it was not as... daft as these lambent stuff. This is particularly annoying as they decided the Ten Rings of the Mandarian would be too unrealistic for the film?

I especially did not like the whole ending with Pepper Potts being infected and defeating Killian as one of these glowy people. Especially to then just be conviently cured at the end by Tony.

Another issue (I know this is a long list) is the fact that Tony's issue with the shrapnel gets resolved at the end. Now this is true to the comics but there is no explaination or even attempt to explain why they couldn't have just done this in Ironman 1.

And finally my biggest issue was with the Mandarin. The Mandarin is one of Ironman's most dreaded villians with untold power, and in this film he is reduced to simply being a laughing stock.

Now that all the Ironman armors are destroyed and Ironman does not NEED the suit to survive, plus the rumors of Hulk, and Ironman possibly being in Guardians of the Galaxy have been debunked... what next?

Ironman is 'likely' to be in Avengers and there is still a chance for more films apparently but I just feel they have a lot of explaining to do if they use him again and it has to be done well!



  1. He used the virus' regenerative ability to cure himself

  2. Thanks for this. Not sure I planned to watch the movie, but if I had one tiny inclination to do so, I apprecaite having advanced notice and not wasting my time and money.

    I agree, if it's done, it should be done well.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes