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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Thought trails

My father is often puzzled as to how we can be talking about one thing and a moment or so later I will come out with an idea that is seemingly completely unrelated to the original conversation.

Today I had one such moment with a couple of friends; we got from Cookie Dough to Family Guy in a matter of moments. This time however I kept a mental note of each stage in my mind to reach this point.

Cookie Dough - Doe, female deer - Doh! - The Simpsons - Cartoon Animation - Family Guy

It really is fascinating how fast our mind can connect apparently unrelated ideas very quickly!

I find this happens a lot when I am thinking of people too. I have a very wide circle of friends and I often think about them. Many have moved on to other places now or for various reasons I simply do not see them as much. Lots of random things I see throughout my day will make me think of one of these people, which in turn will make me think of someone else. 

I'd say that generally speaking I think of all of my friends and family at least one every day.

I often find that this does not seem to happen with everyone. Many people I have noticed to be 'Out of sight, out of mind' kind of people, and this saddens me. I think you should always have those you care about on your mind. Helps to refresh that relationship.



  1. I think about telling Col something, think about what he might say, think about what i might say to that, and then when I come to telling him, I forget to start at the beginning and he finds himself halfway through an imaginary conversation.

  2. Haha that must be great fun Linsday XD