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Monday, 2 April 2012

B is for Blackfeather

B is for Blackfeather

I believe that in this world people do not take the time to help others achieve their dreams. At least not simply for the sake of it. For example a husband may well support a wife’s dream or vice versa, but they do it out of loyalty or because not to would be strange.

With family this becomes difficult since there is this bloody or marriage vow of support.

Friends choose support one another’s endeavours out of loyalty in a slightly different way.

Today however I am doing neither of these. Today I am writing to tell all of my follows about my friend Nel Ashley who (or whom in this context?) is writing a book called Blackfeather.

Despite Nel being a close friend, this is not the reason why I have chosen to promote her book in today’s post. To do so I believe would actually be an insult to her work. Instead I am promoting her tale on the merits of the story itself.

I am the one of the lucky few to have received a previous of it’s delights. I tell you my friends, keep an eye open for this book, it will be worth reading.

Do yourselves and Nel a favour and check out her own blog for more information about this. (Mostly as I do not want to cause spoilers or say something Nel may not want me to.)

But also take the time today to help a friend with their dreams in whatever way you can, and only if they actually deserve it.

It is important for them to deserve it, or you can make things worse. For example, some of the lunatics you get on things such as X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent must have been told by their friends and family that they are good, even when they are terrible, leaving to embarrassment on national television. Is that being a caring friend to you?


For more information about Blackfeather and it's trilogy visit these pages:

have you clicked them yet?

You should you know...

I recommend it.


  1. Paul, what a true and wonderful friend you are. I cannot thank you enough for your support, kind words and constant encouragement.

  2. Great post. It is unfortunate that some people need a reward or some other type of encouragement in order to help others. Blackfeather is an interesting title and I will check out the links. :-)