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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

O is for Obesity

I think weight has very quickly become one of the most interesting taboos of society.

It always irritates me when people make fun of other people because of their weight, it is just one of these typical looking out for anything that is different which can be exploited to hurt another human being.

Being overweight is obviously bad for a person’s health and undeniably costs the NHS millions every year. This is no excuse however to then bully someone because they are big. We must remember that we are all human beings with real feelings and real weaknesses, we must also remember that to just judge someone because they are too big (or too small for that matter) is immediately unfair if you know nothing about them.

Likewise if you are one of these people who does pick on others for their weight (I genuinely doubt any of my readers are) then have a look at your own lifestyle first. Smoking and drinking equally costs the NHS tons of money every year, so if you use the whole NHS costing excuse to pick on someone and you smoke or drink then you have no right to say anything. (If you don’t drink or smoke then... fairplay...just be nice about it).

I know smokers and drinkers are being Tax bullied but it is very rare you’ll get people picking on another for smoking, picking to stop maybe, but not for the thing itself. There are of course exceptions to the rule there but even then it is not in the same way that those who are bigger seem to be constantly judged and penalised by society.

I must of course come to that current up in the air argument about fashion magazines causing social damage by making women think that super skinny is what is beautiful. Reality check here folks, Skinny is not beautiful, if I hug a girl and have her ribs rip me open then this is not sexy, if I look at a girl and fear that just breathing to hard would snap her then this is not sexy. I believe there is a healthy looking weight and super skinny is not it. Nor is very big.

Women who are the right kind of weight level feel the need to slim themselves further because they believe that is what society wants. Fashion is the biggest cause of this and is why I have no time for the entire industry.

On a quick related note about this current campaign to get softcore porn magazines of the shelves, yes I agree that it probably is not nice to have these things on show in shops and should be stopped, if no0thing else for the sake of children, having them on the top shelf is not the answer. However before you even dream of complaining about this sort your own magazines out as they are just as dangerous if not more so to society.

I must of course, before I get the entire female community leap on this, explain my reason for thinking it is more dangerous. Porn magazines to a majority of women is seen as vulgar (proven by the current campaign to sort it) women’s fashion magazines on the other hand are glorified and in the hands of a majority of teenage girls spreading the same poison about what size is sexy, except it is done far more subtly because it isn’t associated with pornography. This therefore does not have that negative connotation that pornography does, making it sink in easier.

Equally I don’t particularly want photographs of men’s muscled chests and arms thrust in my face, I admit it is not vulgar but it damages my self esteem to no end. I think people ignore or simply are not aware that anorexia in men is the highest it has ever been and we are having the same self esteem issues as a result of this media farce. Women are probably still suffering more so, but the point is it is happening to men and it is quickly becoming an equal playing field. I think men let their pride get in their way.

So I think people need to stop looking for reasons to hurt another human being. If you think someone is obese then fine, by why judge because of it? They still have a mind and a soul.

Besides you try telling a walrus it’s obese and see what happens to you.



Blast it another rant... I’m a happy person!!!!


  1. haha. that last line made me crack up. Whenever i see obese folks, I feel really bad for them. I'm sure they've got a ton of health problems and I wish they could find a way to help themselves.
    Happy A-Zing!

  2. I think people just need to stop judging other people. Period. People are so much more than they can appear to be and it is so unfair to judge people by appearances . . . fat, thin, tatoos, nerds - whatever! Those are just labels that should not define a person.

    That's MY rant!