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Monday, 23 April 2012

T is for Treason

Now this relates to the post of Society. Keep in mind I’ve wrote all these together.

Treason is defined as being an extreme crime against ones sovereign or nation.

On this note then Treason is not a moral term. Treason is a societal term. Treason is basically a threat that Governments or Monarchies use to keep their power and prevent people from bringing down society.

Now obviously you’ll have gathered from my last post I do not particularly want people to bring the Government down, it would inconvenience me.

However it is worth exploring and looking at how someone accused of Treason is treated like the scum of the earth. In reality you cannot take an act of ‘Treason’ at face value until you have all of the facts.

For example, all of the freedom fighters trying to get diplomacy for their country and probably branded as committing Treason, yet really many would argue they are fighting for a good cause and doing something morally right.

Just because the Government does not like it, does not make it wrong.  I’m very sceptical over the arrest of the guy who runs wikileaks.

In principle I do not like wikileaks and think it should be closed down, I do not believe in freedom of information (it all relates to my dissertation, I’m not going into that) however, I also do not believe the man should have been arrested over it. We all know they just looked for a reason to arrest him because they couldn’t say that they were arresting him for the leaks.

Even then, it depends on the motive. Treason is morally wrong if you just feel like causing societal meltdown. Treason is not morally wrong if you are trying to change something for the better.

All of which is of course relative.



  1. Isn't treason going against the law to try to change something for the better? Maybe instead of treason, one could work to change law?? Just a thought.

  2. well done on catching up, Paulsie xx