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Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for Enigma

For some reason human beings have this natural attraction towards the mysterious. For example I cannot stand an unsolved mystery, it bugs me and grinds away at me. It is also the reason why many women go for the ‘bad boy’ as they are also equally quite mysterious.

I have been racking my brain to find some kind of evolutionary benefit to this strange fetish human beings seem to possess and my only real conclusion must be because solving mysteries is how we learn new things and develop. If human beings weren’t curious then we would not have achieved half of the things we have.

From an evolutionary perspective being inquisitive has helped us create tools, find a wide variety of food and other such things which has all strengthened our survival.

Can a thirst for knowledge be isolated to an actual gene? I’m no expert so wouldn’t know.

I often get annoyed with myself, I want to be this mysterious character in the world who people find interesting, but realistically I end up being quite an open book. I am very curious as to why I have this instinct to be a shroud, especially since I have always been told to just be myself.

I now find myself caught in a very complex game where I have be constantly aware of what I tell people, giving each person I know different fragments depending on what would be likely to keep them keen to know me. I also have to aware at this stage that many of my friends are friends with each other, so I also have to make sure I don’t give enough away to any one group that they might piece it all together and figure me out.

But what would be so wrong if they did? Nothing.

It would just ruin the enigma that I have worked to create for myself despite it realistically having no benefit for me what so ever.

Funny that.


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