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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U is for Utopia

This is a short post but one that I feel we all need to think very carefully about.

What would be our ideal world?

I always think I know easily but then I analyse it more closely and find that nine times out of ten my ideal world is actually not what I really want.

First of all we must accept that we can never control the will of other sin our in our ideal world. If we did then it would not be them and would only be a... fraction of them and for me to have only a fraction of the person I care about would not be ideal.

So then we have to take into account what they really want in their world, which, as sad as it is, may not be us.

So therefore we can never make an ideal world what assumes the wants of others. Obviously there are psychopaths who are happy for everyone else to miserable but assuming most of us here have empathy then  I’m guessing we would be happy at least on a basic level if those we love are happy?



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