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Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for Minecraft

Since most of my posts have been quite deep so far I thought I’d do a review for this post.

Minecraft is a PC downloadable game (although will be coming out as a disc game for X-Box) which uses basic game coding to create a world divided into cubes. Cubes range from dirt, gravel, stone and wood which you have to mine and gather and then by putting them into different combinations you can create various items.

Think of it as a computer game version of Lego. There are two game modes, Survival and Creative.

In survival mode you have to build yourself weapons and shelter to protect yourself from the hordes of zombies , skeletons and other evil creatures which spawn at night to kill you. One of these creatures is the iconic ‘Creeper’ which effectively looks like a walking cactus. Upon spotting you a Creeper will then hiss and explode, blowing up the building you just spent the last few hours constructing.

Creative mode is more to test people’s skills at building, and I can tell you, there have been some amazing creations on Minecraft, people creature entire cities with working electricity and even complex sewer systems and public transport.

Minecraft goes back to the idea of playing with blocks, helping to nurse people’s creative side and show that given a basic platform people still want to create their own worlds.

I am a big fan of Minecraft (although I am not very talented so my creations are not as elegant and amazing as others I have seen).

I see we are halfway through the A-Z April, and I must admit I did not think I’d be able to manage it to this point, but hey!


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