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Monday, 23 April 2012

S is for Society

I should specify here rather, rebellion against society.

I don’t mean here teenagers going through the goth or chav phases and writing on walls with “Take that society” (Family Guy quote). This I think can be explained with hormones and growing up.

I’m taking about serious rebellion, things like the riots that took place last summer. People being extremely destructive to the overall society. These people who blockade fuel runs or want to bring down the Government.

Hate to break this to you folks, but bringing down the Government is not a very good survival tactic. The Government is an entire backbone to a society, if you bring down a Government without another one ready to jump in and take up the slack then you are just going to starve and kill those you are trying to liberate.

With no Government there is no trade. Britain survives on Trade.

With no Government there is no defence. You got any idea how much Iran hates us right now? Oh and our good friends at the Falklands are screwed with a capital Scra.

Obviously this is does mean stand back and let your Government oppress you. In the case of the Arab Spring I do believe rebellion is justified.

I’m talking here about messing with society for the sake of being destructive and sadly many close minded idiots do. They want to cause disruptions to get their points across.

I’m thinking here along the lines of that group of animals rights activists who killed people to make their point that they thought killing and harming animals is wrong...

Society is not a perfect system, but you need to be very careful when wanting to change things within it. As Churchill once said, and I firmly agree with. (he didn’t phrase it quite like this): Diplomacy sucks but every other option sucks more.

This relates back to what I said last post about humans not meant to be living in such high volumes. This is why society doesn’t work and you get such a gap between the rich and the poor.

S is also for Sloe Gin: <3


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